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Discover your path to an USA education

Tasman Rugby Union (TRU) has announced a partnership with NSR Australia and NZ, which will provide young aspiring rugby players in our region the opportunity to pursue their dreams of sport and education through the US system at a High School, College or University level.

NSR Australia specialises in recruiting Australian and New Zealand student athletes and successfully promoting them to over 2500 US Colleges and Universities, as well as high schools, across the US based on their individual academic and athletic ability.  In the US system, these aspiring student athletes have the opportunity to earn the degree of their choice while competing in the sport they love full-time, potentially on scholarship.

Until recent years, opportunities such as these may have seemed out of reach for many families. The NSR Pathway Program TM however, is an inclusive opportunity for well-rounded high school students, not just elite Rugby players.
This structured program, catering to children aged 14 to 20 (born 1997 to 2003) has enabled thousands of Australian and New Zealand students the opportunity to thrive in the US system. Tasman Rugby Union, is proud that our partnership with NSR will bring opportunities like this to our registered players.
The NSR Pathway Program TM is a proven process which allows interested families to explore and evaluate the opportunity and determine if it is the right fit for them. 
As part of this process, Tasman Rugby Union, would like to invite you and your parents, to attend a skills evaluation with Tasman Rugby, coaches on the 11th of February.
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