Our organisation – Te Tauihu o Te Waka a Maui Māori Rugby Board are pleased to present our strategy; Te Ihuwaka Kotahi Tū Tonu 2020 – 2023!

Māori rugby has evolved over the past years, from it’s inception of humble beginnings to the current day. Whilst the strategy looks to the future we must look back and acknowledge our many Stalwarts from across the Top of the South who toiled and strived to maintain a Māori rugby presence in the region, for without the tireless effort of the few we could question our existence today.

This strategy ensures our values are at the foundation of our organisation as we look to support and promote rugby in Te Tauihu. The development of this strategy incorporates the views of Iwi Māori, whānau and rugby communities. We thank you all for your contribution and reiterate this strategy belongs to all of us and we are all responsible. By working together in unity and maintaining our autonomy - Te Tauihu Māori Rugby will be strong.